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Los Angeles, CA
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westin brodey
Apr 4, 2018

Is the ability to read standard notation required to play cl




As a self taught electric/steel-string player I've never learned to read sheet music for guitar, primarily playing via tablature. I can read for piano because it's easy a there is only one of each note. On guitar there are multiples of the same note in different positions on different strings. How does standard notation account for this?I recently purchased a classical guitar book and there was no tablature. Is this common? Is it necessary to be able to read music to play classical guitar?Does anyone know of good books for beginner classical guitar players that include tablature?


Please help.

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  • Petter Lundberg
    Aug 29

    Hi Larry, I just want to say that I really appreciate your beautiful arrangements. They inspire me to keep going! Thanks! Petter
  • TaviJinariu
    Oct 1

    Man, Larry Koonse can teach! I am excited to watch these lessons again, at a slower pace, myself. As a classical guitarist I have always had this secret admiraton for jazz guitarists and now all the secrets of the trade are out of the bag, thanks to Larry Koonse. Great, great instruction!