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ELITE GUITARIST, Online Classical, Flamenco & Jazz Guitar Lessons and Repertoire Tutorials.
Los Angeles, CA
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Learning to play the guitar is not an isolated experience. As a subscriber to our classical, jazz or blues online guitar lessons get the most out these lessons by getting involved in the EliteGuitarist community. Here you can get valuable help and offer encouragement to other students learning to play the guitar. 

Nov 4, 2017

Larry Koonse, jazz guitar lessons.


Man, Larry Koonse can teach! I am excited to watch these lessons again, at a slower pace, myself. As a classical guitarist I have always had this secret admiraton for jazz guitarists and now all the secrets of the trade are out of the bag, thanks to Larry Koonse. Great, great instruction!

Nov 17, 2017

I was so excited to learn that I went through the entire beginner track in two sessions over two days, though I'm going through it again at a pace more inline with deeper learning. As someone who has recently dived really deeply into fretboard harmony, I'm in that baby step stage of improvisational ability, which can feel both thrilling and frustrating. That said, I've noticed an unexpected benefit to my classical playing, which I attribute to playing more freely and understanding more of how/why I'm moving around the fretboard. Though I'm an experienced classical guitarist, improvisation and jazz are truly new grounds for me, so I literally hang on every word Larry shares for potential nuggets of wisdom. Looking forward to how his instruction contributes to my playing!

Feb 21, 2018

Hi Greg,

Sorry to be so late to the game. Hope you are enjoying the jazz track. I am constantly trying to rethink approaches to make concepts for improvising more streamlined. Its a life's journey. Good luck and I would advise you to take it slowly.

All my best,


Sep 30

I'm wondering what is the recommended order to go through this lessons. Should one start with the essential theory and then move to beyond the basics?

Oct 1

Hi William,


This is an excellent question. Tavi and I are in the middle of reorganizing the jazz section to make it more user friendly in terms of finding your way through all the possible lessons. My advice for now is dependent on your level of experience. I would start with the arrangements that are fully realized (specific arrangements). I am listing those below along with beginning, intermediate, and advanced classifications for all of the video lessons. I would start with the arrangements and then dabble in a little of the beginning level videos in the essential theory and beyond the basics categories. If you feel you are ready to go on then move to intermediate. In the next few months you will see some mini-lessons that are all designed for more beginning approaches. That would also be an excellent way to get started. For now I am pasting a recommended order.


Hope this helps.





Jazz Repertoire Tutorials


Chord Melodies (non-specific arrangements)

Little Sunflower (beginner)

Autumn Leaves (beginner)

Giant Steps (beginner/intermediate)

Dearly Beloved (intermediate)

How Deep is the Ocean (advanced)

Stella By Starlight (advanced)


Chord Melodies (specific arrangements)

All the Things You Are (intermediate/advanced)

Falling in Love with Love (intermediate/advanced)

Body and Soul (intermediate/advanced)

Alone Together (intermediate/advanced)

I’m Old Fashioned (intermediate/advanced)


Beyond the Basics

Little Sunflower (beginning)

Introduction to Jazz Blues (beginner/intermediate)

Dearly Beloved (intermediate)

Autumn Leaves (intermediate)

Jazz Blues (intermediate/advanced)

Giant Steps (intermediate/advanced)

ii-V-l (intermediate/advanced)

How Deep is the Ocean (advanced)

Stella By Starlight (advanced)


Jazz Theory and Technique (Essential Theory)


Fundamentals of Jazz (beginner)

Chord Scales and Scale Permutations (beginner/intermediate)

Minor 7th Chord Voicings & Melodic Ideas (beginner/intermediate)

Major 7th Chord Voicings & Melodic Ideas (beginner/intermediate)

Rhythmic Templates for Scale Permutations (beginner/intermediate)

Chord Construction (beginner/intermediate)

ii-V-I (intermediate/advanced)

New Posts
  • Petter Lundberg
    Aug 29

    Hi Larry, I just want to say that I really appreciate your beautiful arrangements. They inspire me to keep going! Thanks! Petter
  • westin brodey
    Apr 4, 2018

    Hi, As a self taught electric/steel-string player I've never learned to read sheet music for guitar, primarily playing via tablature. I can read for piano because it's easy a there is only one of each note. On guitar there are multiples of the same note in different positions on different strings. How does standard notation account for this?I recently purchased a classical guitar book and there was no tablature. Is this common? Is it necessary to be able to read music to play classical guitar?Does anyone know of good books for beginner classical guitar players that include tablature? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=499901 Cryptocurrency Trading Marketing Thanks