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Learning to play the guitar is not an isolated experience. As a subscriber to our classical, jazz or blues online guitar lessons get the most out these lessons by getting involved in the EliteGuitarist community. Here you can get valuable help and offer encouragement to other students learning to play the guitar. 

Jun 28, 2018

Hello from Wales


Edited: Jun 28, 2018

Hi everyone, I'm delighted to find this website and have so far learned Lagrima and Preludio de Adios from the easy to follow tutorials.

I haven't really played since school days, and was recently looking for a private tutor to start up again, until I found this website which is a much better way to learn for me.

At school I learned Sons de Carillhoes by Joao Pernambuco, but can only remember the beginning now, it would be good to learn this again one day.

I was planning on learning Julia Florida next but changed my mind to start on Capricho Arabe. I've reached Part 3 which I'll be working on this evening.

It's great to be playing again, I'll post a video once I can play one through without mistakes!

Jun 29, 2018

Hi Nathan, welcome to the forum. I can't wait to hear your recordings of these pieces and I am so glad that you are finding the platform useful. Capricho Arabe is such a beautiful piece and totally worth the effort of learning it. I learned to play it some 20 years ago and it has never left my active repertoire. Welcome again, keep up the hard work and let me know if you have any questions or if you need any additional help.

Jun 21

I've been a member for a year now and it's been great learning from the tutorials, it's been easier than I thought it would be and never thought I'd have learned as much in a year. Tonight I'll be working on the fourth Cavatina tutorial so should be able to start practicing the whole piece after. This is the 9th song for me, and hope to learn a lot more in the next 12 months.

Thanks again to Tavi and the team for making it possible, and for all the hard work producing so many new tutorials.

New Posts
  • Miguelito Vizcarra
    6 days ago

    Hello, Elite community I'm excited to learn this wonderful music. I took Class Guitar in college 5 years ago and I showed promise but after tragedy struck I no longer could continue but now I'm back and ready to learn and perform it all again. Thank you Elite for creating such wonderfull content.
  • leo.vladilo1
    Sep 24
  • Blake Soller
    Sep 11

    Hello! My name is Blake and I just picked up the guitar again after about a year. Work, kids and graduate school took just about every free second I had, but here I am once again. I am a huge fan off all types of music but classical seems to call out to me the most. I really look forward to learning from all the tutorials on this site and love what I have seen so far. Moving forward I have a few questions about practicing. 1. I have been a member of the site for about two weeks and just finished the beginner tutorial. Should I now begin the intermediate tutorial? 2. When should I begin the beginner repertoire? I look forward to learning from everyone here. -Blake