Tavi Jinariu

“Tavi is an excellent classical guitarist whose fine technique, combined with depth of feeling communicates wonderfully to his audience. His strengths are considerable, among which are a deep love for the guitar, remarkable discipline and motivation, and good musical instincts that give him advanced abilities to interpret the music.”

Christopher Parkening, America's Preeminent Guitar Virtuoso

Teaching Approach


My goal is to enlarge the community of the classical guitar and provide teaching that would draw players of other styles into taking up this wonderful instrument. My approach to teaching the guitar is steeped in the musical traditions of Andres Segovia and Christopher Parkening while at the same time it embraces the current trends in technical development and repertoire. For the guitar to again find a prominent place on the large concert stages of the world, guitarists need to adopt a different approach to playing the instrument. It is not enough to play it with a clinical and immaculate technique; we need to play the instrument beautifully. It is not the technical aspect of the guitar that appeals to me but rather it’s beauty. Andres Segovia said “The beauty of the guitar lies in its soft and persuasive voice and its beauty cannot be equaled by any other instrument.” If you are ready to approach your playing of the classical guitar in the same way, welcome to I am excited to share these online classical guitar lessons with you and it is great to have you here! Let's learn to play the classical guitar together. 

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Ines Thomé

Ines Thome EliteGuitarist Instructor_edi

Teaching Philosophy

My passion for teaching comes from my passion for music: the aesthetic and emotional values inherent in music still motivate my own learning. Sharing this passion –with my students as a teacher, and with my colleagues and audiences as an active musician –makes music become real and meaningful.  I want to help my students to discover what they are passionate about and improve their skills to reach the goal they have. As an active musician, I like to be engaged in the various processes of music making. As a teacher, I want my students to be engaged in those processes through performing, listening, composing, and analysis. Focusing on the “whole person” and educating my students through different musics is my goal as a teacher.


Creating a safe environment for my students is very important to me. I believe that creativity and critical thought can only be developed when the classroom is a safe space where students are allowed (and encouraged) to make mistakes and learn through them. As an example for student based education, I encourage my students to bring pieces or songs into their class or lesson which they are interested in. From my own learning experience, I know how important the initial excitement for music is for our motivation to learn as you learn how to play the classical guitar. In addition, it makes the students accountable for their own progress. I am excited to partner up with EliteGuitarist and offer these classical guitar lessons online. I think these are the best tutorials available online and am glad to be one of the instructors. 

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Taso Comanescu

“Taso Comanescu is an exciting, young guitarist. His enthusiasm for the music and talent for performing shows in the way his audiences have received him. I wish him all the best in his career.”

Christopher Parkening, America's Preeminent Guitar Virtuoso

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching guitar, or anything for that matter, is an art that requires cultivation, patience and time to develop. I have been privileged to teach guitar privately for over 10 years and at Pepperdine University for the past 6 years. It has grown into a essential part of my life as a professional musician and an endless well from which I draw inspiration and encouragement. I have learned a great deal from my own teachers over the years and perhaps even more from my students.

Get ready and learn how to play the classical guitar! My philosophy at it’s core is about helping a student achieve their own personal goals on the instrument. Not everyone is called to be a concert guitarist, be it classical or contemporary, and not everyone has the same amount of time to practice. I have learned that it is vitally important to establish goals on a semi consistent basis so that students have clear reasons to practice and also track their progress. Consistency is key. The rewards will come. I am excited to be a part of EliteGuitarist and look forward to sharing with you these online classical guitar lessons and repertoire tutorials!

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