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We are constantly working to increase the number of resources on our platform. Take a peek at the upcoming tutorial projects and suggest a future tutorial or a specific lesson topic. You can also become a sponsor and partner with us in covering the production costs. If you see a project that is of great interest to you, join us and let's get these materials out as soon as possible. 

Classical Guitar Tutorial Chaconne Bach.png

The Chaconne in D minor is one an iconic piece from Bach's second violin partita. The piece is around 14 minutes long consisting of a theme and multiple variations that display the other-worldly genius of Bach. The tutorial will be taught by Tavi Jinariu. In this project Tavi will cover every technical aspect of the piece, interpretive choices, tonal colors, harmonic analysis, and so much more. The Azar Guitar Collection has graciously agreed to cover a tutorial for half of Bach's Chaconne. If you would like to contribute to this tutorial development you can do so here.

Amount Raised: $5,010
Total Contributors: 2
Total Goal: $9,800

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